Camille Benson is fifty-five years old, and has bought her parents old antique store, Waited4You, from the meanest man in Marthasville. Her Standard Schnauzers are Stickley and Morris.  

Her son, Paul, 33, is Marthasville’s new mayor.  

Opal Wells is also 55 and she’s Camille’s best friend.  She’s the only woman captain of a sightseeing cruise boat on the Potomac. Her husband, David, helps out on the boat. 

 Noah and Helen Margalit are in their eighties. They own a custom framing shop on King Street, Margalit Gallery and Framing.  

Deb Burfoot owns a children’s clothing consignment shop on South Royal Street, Togs for Tots.  

When Stickley and Morris are boarded, it’s at the Princess Street Paw Palace.  

Janie Fairfax is Marthasville’ Commonwealth Attorney.  

Meet the Dogs of Marthasville